Ananda Coomaraswamy Memorial Medal

The Ananda Coomaraswamy Memorial Medal- Awarded by the Geological Society of Sri Lanka to an eminent Geologist who has made an outstanding contribution towards the advancement of Sri Lankan Geology, to honour the late Dr. Ananda Coomaraswamy for his pioneering contribution to the geological knowledge in Sri Lanka. The recipient would deliver Ananda Coomaraswamy Memorial Oration during a special session organized by the GSSL. 

The Geological Society of Sri Lanka announced Dr. Jagath Gunatilake as the recipient of the prestigious Ananda Coomaraswamy Memorial Medal for the year 2022

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Nominating Procedure for Ananda Coomaraswamy Medal

i. Nominations will open from November 1, and close on January 15, in each year

ii. Nominations will be called through the website of the Geological Society of Sri Lanka and through emails to the member.

iii. The evaluation panel of the nominations is comprised of all Ananda Coomaraswamy Medal (ACM) recipients living in Sri Lanka at the time of the closing date of the applications. All the nominations will be sent to the ACM recipients individually to obtain their decisions. The medal winner will be selected by EC if there are more than 50% preferences from at least 10 ACM recipients.

iv. The ACM will not be awarded for the particular year if;

a. The recipient is failed to obtain more than 50% preferences from at least 10 ACM recipients or

b. EC did not receive more than 60% from the ACM recipients. 

2. Nominator’s eligibility

i. Must be either an Ordinary member of the GSSL for the year of nominating (membership should be active by the time of nomination) or a life member of GSSL

ii. Must have personal knowledge of the nominee and his/her work contributed to the advancement of Geology of Sri Lanka

3. Guidelines for the nominator

i. Only geologists can be nominated for the award of the Ananda Coomaraswamy medal.

ii. The nominee can be either a Sri Lankan or a foreigner who has collaborated with Sri Lankan geologists for the advancement of the Geology of Sri Lanka

iii. Nominations must be submitted through e-mail or by registered post to the Secretary/GSSL to the E-mail or the address prescribed in the advertisement and received no later than the due date shown under “Deadline”. Nominations will not be accepted after the nomination deadline. All submitted material must be in English.

v. The following documents should be incorporated with nominations. 

vi. Cover page (This page shall include information on the nominee as well as the contact information of the nominator)

vii. Citation (A brief statement, not to exceed 100 words, giving the major accomplishments and contributions to the advancement of Geology of Sri Lanka for which the award is to be considered. This will be used if the nominee is selected as the awardee),

viii. Nomination rationale statement (A statement, not to exceed 700 words, on why the candidate is nominated for the award),

ix. Curriculum Vitae of the nominee (Degrees earned (university and granting dates); other postgraduate study; record of positions held (starting with most recent and working back, outlining dates for each); publications (including all books, published papers and articles); GSSL activities and offices held; awards, honours and inventions.)

x. Three most relevant publications with a brief description that how those contribute for the advancement of Geology of Sri Lanka

xi. If these all listed documents are not submitted the EC has the power to reject any incomplete application including all the documents.


Prepared by the 37th EC and approved at the 4 th EC meeting held on October 15, 2020